Help Fund Our Cause


We seek funding to help with our  us defend against the law suit relating to the kuleana, to bring claims relating to actions taken by Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Andrade and companies they control and their agents and affiliates, bid for fractional interests to keep keep the kuleana in the Rapozo family and activities relating to the foregoing. We are a middle class family and we are facing the onslaught of Mark Zuckerberg bankrolling directly and indirectly a law suit and related actions as though he and his minions were taking on a major corporation.  Any and all contributions are welcome to help defray costs.  

We have a paypal acccount to take payments.  We also have a go fund me account with facebook.  If any facebook account is shut down, we will make a formal complaint with the communications authorities at the state and federal level and pursue private right of action for damages.  

Donors who wish to directly contribute can contact us directly by email or via the Hawaii phone number.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card